This beautiful bike right here was recreated by a damn good bike builder! We met Nick in August 2020 in Sturgis during the rally. We were staying just a few sites down from him. My wife, Sarah and I noticed how clean his bus looked and if you are familiar with the Buffalo Chip and all of it’s dust, we were impressed! We had to know who cleaned his bus so we could get ours done! Noticing that he had the same kind of motorhome that we did, we already had something in common. So my wife walked over to his site and said, “Hey There!” and that’s how the relationship began! As our vacation continued, we found more and more in common with each other! It didn’t take long to feel like we had known each other forever, although we had just met. That being said, I felt completely comfortable with sending my bike back to North Carolina with Nick for customization. And we are so incredibly happy with how the bike turned out! The big bonus of this story is that Sarah and I gained a great friendship, along with a beautifully built motorcycle! I truly believe you are meant to gravitate to people that are supposed to be in your life. We are so happy to have not only a killer bike builder in our lives but also, a great friend!


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June 11, 2021